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What sellers must know

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    • Faro Escondido
    • Playa Hermosa
    • Esterillos & Playa Bejuco
    • Los Sueños Resort
    • Playa Escondida
    • Punta Leona
    • Jaco
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Be A Smart Seller

The first step to selling your home in Costa Rica is the decision to be open or exclusive. The housing industry does not use the Multiple Listing Service/System (MLS), so you must choose to sign with a particular realtor or put it out as an open listing and personally contact all the trustworthy brokers you can find. Do not try to sell the home yourself as you may inadvertently miss or confuse a step and seriously jeopardize the future of your buyer.

Use A Smart Broker

A good realtor will help you value your home without emotional connections and base it on comparable real estate that has sold recently. This increases your chance of selling the property. Buyers prefer to see the house unoccupied, so your broker will need access to the home on any given day at any time. The convenience must go to the potential buyer. Another benefit to not being on the property, is allowing your broker to handle unpleasant individuals who may be disrespectful of your time, home or personal touches such as the garden you put all your time into. An intelligent agent will also help to stage your home for sale and keep all the legal information for the property up to date.